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I grew up loving stories and music.   I loved to listen to the radio and to records and heard everything from Louis Armstrong to The Goon Show.  I also loved to read and devoured books like a crazy girl.

My sister and I had a book of English Traditional Songs.  She would play the piano part and I would sing along.  It was an endless competition to see who could get to the end first.   Pure artistry?

These days, I call myself a singer, performer and song writer.  I sing jazz; blues; my own songs; comedy;  contemporary songs and all kinds of other things too.

Singing and music is a wild adventure, so it helps to have a piano powered rocket ship to get about.

So hop on board and join me.

I have three favourite projects on the go these days.  All of these are perform anywhere (just about) shows.

 *  The Swamp and The Sail  - a original musical show-  The story of Second Born, a woman living in a world of tenderness, decay and magical realism.  A mixture of storytelling and music making;  Stories inside stories; Stories inside songs; 
 *   Event Music - This is my repertoire of jazz and blues standards;
well known favourites; some eccentric songs thrown in.

*   Wild Ruby -  Sephardic Songs - a duo of myself and Andrew Kay.  Voice, viola da gamba, flute, guitar, dumbek.   More information on www.wildruby.co.uk 

  Some days you might find me singing in a theatre; a bookshop; out in the street; in some other building or at a market.  Come and say hello!

Where Did The Idea For PianoRocketship come from ?

I once had a dream in which I owned a flat, paper thin piano.  As I played the keys and sang, we zoomed around the universe.  The music powered the flight.  I rolled the piano up and put it into my pocket when I wasn't performing.

Piano Rocketship was born!

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