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All of my shows are stories.   They're a bit like a traditional musical but with many blues, jazz and avant-garde influences.   Expect music all of the way through and more singing.  

A lot of the stories are set in a world similar, but not the same as ours.  Curiously, no matter how odd a character is, her/his struggles and sentiments somehow resemble our own.  

May you enjoy them and may your own imagination take you on your own ride with it all.  

Here's a couple of writers' sentiments that resonate with my own:

Kurt Vonnegut:  "Many people need to hear this message.  'I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.'"

Ursula Le Guin :  'One of the functions of art is to give people the words to know their own experience. There are always areas of vast silence in any culture, and part of an artist’s job is to go into those areas and come back from the silence with something to say. It’s one reason why we read poetry, because poets can give us the words we need. When we read good poetry, we often say, ‘Yeah, that’s it. That’s how I feel.’'

Imagine this:

You are sitting in the theatre/ community centre and the lights dim and the curtain rises.  Perhaps you are outdoors somewhere.

Music begins  playing.  It's an introduction.   A woman begins to sing - she sings 'Once Upon a Time' - (or something like that).  It's scene 1 and the narrator is introducing the show, introducing the story.  Oh listen, the narrator is singing, sometimes speaking and sometimes rhyming  over the music.   

The story unfolds with more narrative pieces - (singing or speaking over the music) and new characters.  The pieces have names' like: 'I have my grandfather in mind'; and 'In which Second Born enters the swamp' and so on.  

Here comes a song called Black Crow and here's another called Sandman and on we go until it's time for curtain down. 


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