Welcome to The House of Coffee.

From the outside it looks like a normal coffee shop.

From the inside it looks like a normal coffee shop...almost.

Behind the swing doors, just behind the counter, there's an infinite library.  It holds all the stories ever told and those yet to be.  All the coffee shop customers and all their conversations and the stories they tell each other, are all collected by the waiter and stored in the library.  

This show is a selection of stories in song form taken from the collection stored in the library.   Some stories may be snippets of a story or a previously unheard version.   

Partial list of Songs: 

The House of Coffee


Ode To Socks

Crazy Carlita

Fionella Jones

Far From Common Place

The Swordsmith's Apprentice



Black Crow

Don't Hide The Madness

Show length - Adaptable.  30 minutes - 90 minutes

The King of Sleight of Hand


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