Meet Second Born.  She lives in an abandoned Railway Station, in a world not quite matching ours.

It's where her family have lived for over a century. Now, she’s the only one left. She feels half-hearted about carrying on with the family trade.  It all seems a bit old fashioned, nebulous and meaningless. Anyway, who cares anymore about such stuff?   

 The station and the town are filled with memories from more glamorous times.  These days, everything seems dilapidated and a husk of its former self.  Despite herself, she follows the enigmatic advice of her grandfather, ‘Why so serious? When will you do something useful with your life? Like talking to crows.  Like making cloth out of rain?’  This leads her into the mysterious swamp behind the station. Here, time is highly unstable. 
 Second Born discovers the beginnings of renewal in this highly illogical place, inhabited by curious characters.   
Sometimes, you just have to turn things upside down, back to front and inside out.   
At its heart, Roost Arcanum is a story of friendship, family, love, oddness and possibility.  


The Nightmare Eater

The Unicorn Mask


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