The Swamp and The Sail.

The Swamp and The Sail is a Musical Show.

This is the story of a woman called Second Born and her town of tenderness and decay.

It is a tale in which she upholds the family tradition of creating cloth... sewn and woven together with rain and possibility. This is a show about collecting and finding;  creating beauty out of almost nothing;  friendship and family; imagination and science.  Ultimately, it is a story about finding a place in the greater scheme of things.  

The eater of nightmares lives in the sulfurous swamp. Other characters include a siren; a clockwork grandmother; ice bears and a court of crows.

Second Born lives in a tumbling-down and abandoned railway station, surrounded by the tools of her trade. 

It is a town famous for residents with enormous imaginations, as well as folks deeply steeped in the pursuit of knowledge.

The Swamp and the Sail was conceived and written by Karen.

It is performed as a one-woman show or as a collaboration.   The show is adaptable and shapeable depending on who else is performing. 

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