Sewing With The Rain

Two nights and two days in the life of a woman called Second Born, who lives in a town of tenderness and decay.

A tale about what is worth doing and what is worth having, where the beautiful things created by her hands sometimes seem tenuous. Can any significant good come from making fragile precious things?

... and then there is also the rain...

A mixture of storytelling and music making; Stories inside stories; stories inside songs.

As she goes about her normal days' to-ings and fro-ings, a unicorn observes everything,  from the 'Once before a time' place.

The eater of nightmares lives in a sulphurous swamp, near a treeful of pesky crows.

Second Born lives in a tumbling down, abandoned railway station, surrounded by the tools of her trade.  It is a long tradition inherited from her family.

Her best friend can fix just about anything and has a clockwork grandmother.

The town is filled with odd happenings and characters.  It is a town famous for folks with enormous imagination, as well as folks deeply steeped in the pursuit of knowledge.

As the story unfolds, further stories are revealed...nested inside. The stories are nested in songs…

Stories of hope, love, loss, justice, socks and coffee.

Prepare to be delighted at this eccentric and outlandish mixture of story telling and musical performance, featuring and array of odd characters, masks and props.  Delicious songs with a large dollop of blues and jazz.   Magical Realism, thinly disguised reality,  steampunk,  tall tales.  The music sounds range from melifluous and dark chocolate, to comic and raucous, stopping off at many points in between.

Sewing With The Rain was conceived and written by Karen.

It is performed as a one woman show or as a collaboration.   The show is adaptable and shapeable depending on who else is performing. 

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