Wednesday, 5 June 2019

The Swamp and The Sail at Oddball 2019 - 8:00pm on June 8th at The Isis Farmhouse, Oxford.

Once Before A Time

Unicorn: She didn’t know where to begin.
How do you move from ‘once before a time’,
before the when and the what and the who?
How do you move from  there, to the beginning?

She asked me ‘Where do I begin, where can I show them this whole thing?’.

I said nothing but drew out my telescope.
 ‘Zoom zoom’ said the wheels and the dials spinning inwards.  
  ‘Look at that’ and she peeked into the story and squealed with 
There, was ODDBALL 2019. A marvellous wonder filled
 with delights.

 She got so excited, that her words flew around the room leaving a 
trail of popping bubbles.

'Where, when and what time?' she enquired.

'We are performing at 8:00pm, this Saturday at The Isis Farmhouse (that's June 8th)'.


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